Let’s pay CA workers a living wage

California workers badly need a raise. That’s why we’re fighting to pass the California Living Wage Act in November 2022. Join us in the effort to lift working families out of poverty and raise the wage to $18/hr in the Golden State.

Sign up: YES on the California Living Wage Act!

Essential workers deserve enough to live on

We rely on essential workers to keep our state running and meet critical needs, but many low-wage workers and their families are living in poverty and facing housing insecurity and hunger. People who work full-time should get paid enough to live on and not have to take on second and third jobs just to keep a roof over their heads and feed their families.

Delivery worker

Every full-time job should pay a living wage

Many minimum wage workers do not make enough to get by and are forced to rely on social services funded by taxpayers, such as food stamps and health care. By raising their wages to a living wage, we can save taxpayers money and provide workers with a living wage where they are more self-reliant and less dependent on social services.

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